塞迪斯史蒂文斯学院 has partnered with PSECU (Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union) since 2015 to provide on-campus banking services and Financial Education to the campus community. PSECU offers full-service banking including; FREE checking accounts to students, 校友 and their families with no money needed to open their membership, no minimum balance and no monthly service fees. Plus very competitive loan rates for 你r borrowing needs. In most cases all that’s needed is a State ID or Driver’s License.  There are two PSECU machines located on campus and over 30,000 other FREE ATM’s to use as a member, 以及高达20美元的罚款.每月从自动取款机上拿00美元的回扣.  PSECU also offers free online and mobile banking, free checks and 你r credit score monthly for free.


  • Full service ATM, deposit, and withdraw machine: Orange Street Lobby
  • Withdraw-only machine: LRC on Main Campus

PSECU offers in-person hours at several College locations. Kristyne Schonhaut is available at 威尼斯人注册会员 on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. 到下午4点.m. 在MAC(2楼). Kristyne is also available by appointment, via phone or Zoom, the rest of the week. 电子邮件  预约.

银行 are for-profit entities that make money for their corporate stockholders. 信用合作社是非营利性的. 我们为 . 访问我们:

  • No minimum balance, no monthly service fees
  • Immediate access to deposited funds
  • 免费基本款支票
免费在线 & 手机银行
  • Free monthly credit score service
  • 免费付款服务
  • 免费手机应用
  • Free account alerts can be sent to 你r phone
  • 移动支票存款
  • Nationwide access to 70,000 surcharge-free ATMs for deposits and withdrawals
  • Surcharge-free rebates (if 你 have to use an out-of-network ATM 
    • Up to $20/month if 你 have Direct Deposit
    • 没有它,每月最多8美元

Have questions about things like 你r credit score, credits cards, getting out of debt and budgeting? We have answers that can help 你 make the most out of every penny 你 earn, both while 你're in school and after 你 graduate. At our interactive WalletWorks events, we explain the money management concepts most important to 你 -- right here on Campus.


We look for enthusiastic students with a passion for helping others to guide their peers on a path to financial growth. Responsibilities include explaining our products and services, demonstrating how to use online and mobile banking tools, and assisting with membership applications. 


No one likes free more than we do, 并帮助传播这个词, we give away Random Acts of Freeness such as sunglasses, 飞盘, 披萨等等. We've even sponsored chair massages during finals week.

 Online and Digital 资源 for Students

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